It’s official!! has caught its first 1000 bikes. Since its go live date in January this year Bike Catcher has grown in both its customer base and bike advertisements alike.  Aimed at both the private and trade industry Bike Catcher, given its current growth rate, is now well positioned to become a key player within the online motorcycle advertising market place.

“We would like to thank our customers that have believed in us from the start” commented Rob Brown (Director of Operations at Catcher Online Ltd) he further commented “We are committed to our promise that we will listen to our customers and continue to develop the site and its functions in line with customer feedback”.  Recent additions to the site include opening times showing alongside each bike advertisement and a ‘grab line’ which can be used to promote individual advertisements.  Designed and built on the initial feedback from the public and trade alike the site has stuck to its original promise of no advertisements and to cater for motorcycle advertising only.