We have listened to our customers and based on feedback we have now introduced the option to download full listing details which include BikeCatcherID, InternalSystemID, Registration, New (Yes or No), Name, ListViews, DetailsViews, ContactRequests (This will show 0 for now as we have identified an issue where this was not populating which has now been rectified on all future contact requests), Status, DateAdded, DateActivated, DateUpdated & DateRemoved. We have since added in the price field so that customers can also calculate listing value total by active adverts.

To download simply log into your BikeCatcher account and go to 'My Ads' and click on the 'Export to CSV' green button towards the top right of the screen. Once you have downloaded you can open in Excel and filter and analyse to your hearts content.

Enjoy and of course any feedback would be welcome.