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Bike Catcher Dealer Faqs

Trade FAQ's

What is Bike Catcher Trade? is for UK based Bike dealers only, who wish to complement their existing web exposure for FREE

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed bike dealer website complete with photo gallery, pricing, for sale / sold options and much, much more. Bike Catcher do not buy or sell vehicles. All Bike sales are carried out independently of this site direct with the dealer advertising the vehicle.

Do I qualify as a Bike Catcher Trader?

To qualify as a Bike Catcher Trader you will need

  • •  To sell Bikes on a regular basis.
  • •  Offer a minimum of 3 months warranty on all bikes listed on Bike Catcher. (Unless listed as Part-Exchange)
  • •  Have a trading address where vehicles can be viewed, private or business address, (not side of road sales) either during certain times or by appointment.
  • •  Provide all details required on the sign up form.
  • •  Read and agree to all terms and conditions set out here and on our Terms and Conditions Page.

How much is it?

It's absolutely FREE!!!

Can I Make It Mine?

All sites are individually tailored with your logo and company colours.

Once logged into your Bike Catcher dealership account you can:
  • •  Upload your own company logo*
  • •  Add Bike Listings
  • •  Edit Bike Listings
  • •  Control Active, On Sale & Sold Listings
  • •  Edit your website colours
  • •  Setup opening hours
  • •  Link to your social pages
  • •  Edit your About Us page
  • •  Link your website to your own company website

*Logo can be uploaded as either a .png or .jpg image. Logo size is up to 550px wide by 150px high. Larger logos will be resized on upload to fit.

How long does it take to setup?

Your account will be accessible as soon as you have completed your registration.

Your Bike Catcher account and your website is then setup instantly.

You will be emailed as soon as your account is available. Then simply login using the login link on the Bike Catcher main site.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your Bike Catcher account please do so via email to

Cancelled accounts will be suspended initially for 1 whole calendar month to allow you to change your mind without losing data.

After one full calendar month suspended accounts will be removed from our system and all data will be lost.

Can I pick my Bike Catcher Website Name?

All domains allow you to choose your name.

Your name cannot contain spaces or special characters and can only contain Alphanumeric Characters, but can include the '_' '-' characters.

Customers can access your website directly by going to

Please choose a Domain Name when signing up and it will be automatically checked for availability.

I already have a website can I link to it?

We actively allow you to promote you own website through your Bike Catcher website.

In the configuration area of your Bike Catcher account you can enter your own website web address.

This is then displayed in the sidebar as SEO friendly link. (rel="nofollow")

Your website will open in seperate window/tab to ensure customers can find their way back to your page.

How can I contact Bike Catcher?

You can email for technical support and sales enquiries.

Bike Catcher do not buy or sell bikes. All bike sales are carried out independently of this site direct with the dealer advertising the bike.